You're going to Mastermind Adventures Fiji!

A few important details:

  1. Add March 31-April 07 to your calendar, plus a day or two on each end for getting there/hanging out/etc.


    For flights, most people will be routing through L.A. (unless you’re not coming from North America). Please do your best to get on the March 29 11:30 pm Qantas direct flight to Nadi airport.

    Our flight from Nadi to Kadavu island will leave Nadi airport shortly after we land, so if you can’t get on that flight, you’ll need to get to Nadi the night before, spend the night, and then meet us at the airport around 7am on March 31.

    For example, if you’re flying from Toronto, most of the flight options will send you to L.A. to connect with the above flight (departing L.A. at 11:30 pm on March 29).

    On the tail end of the event, we’ll end with lunch on April 07, followed by an early afternoon flight back to Nadi, arriving by 5 pm. You can book a flight home from Nadi that leaves any time after 7 pm on April 07 (the direct flight to L.A. leaves at 9:40 pm)

  3. Join our private Facebook Group for the event. It won’t really be too active until a few weeks before the event, so don’t worry too much about posting anything yet.

  4. Know someone who would be a good fit (successful entrepreneur + awesome human)?

    Send them the Fiji page, and e-mail introduce them to me ( If they’re a good fit and they sign up, there’ll be $500 USD in cash waiting on your bed when you arrive!

    I'll be in touch over the coming weeks!

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