You're going to the Amazon!

  • I’ll be in touch over the coming weeks with details about flights, exact dates/timing, etc.

  • Don’t book your flight to Lima just yet as the timing of the flight to Puerto Maldonado may shift slightly - once everything is firmed up on the PM flight, I’ll notify you.

  • Put April 6-13 in your calendar for MMA Amazon (you’ll need to be in Lima on April 6, and you’ll be back in Lima on April 13, so add your travel time and extra time in Peru to your calendar if needed)

Know anyone who would be a good fit (successful entrepreneur + awesome human) to join you at MMA Amazon? If they’re a good fit and they sign up, there’ll be some sweet VIP perks waiting for you in Peru!

Here are a couple of easy ways to spread the word:

  1. Email your friends/colleagues the Amazon page and encourage them to join you. Here’s a sample email you can copy and paste (remember to cc

    Hey ___,

    I just booked my spot for an epic week with 29 other entrepreneurs in the deepest reaches of the Amazon in 2020. Want to join me?

    Check out and if you’re interested, email Mike, the owner of Mastermind Adventures (cc’d on this email).

  2. Post to your social networks. Here is some sample copy you can use for Facebook/Linkedin/Twitter, etc.:

    Just booked my spot for Mastermind Adventures, Amazon edition! Who wants to join me for a week of epic adventures in the deepest reaches of the Amazon with 29 other all-star entrepreneurs?

    More details at - if you’re interested in joining me let me know and I’ll introduce you to the owner (participation is by invite or referral only).


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