The Salon: Speaker Nomination Form

In October, I (Mike Brcic) will be launching a monthly dinner series for Toronto entrepreneurs called The Salon. Based on the success and feedback from a couple of one-off events I did in 2018, I’ve decided to launch a monthly, membership-based series, with the first event slated for late October (members will choose 6 of the 9 events to attend).

Each event will feature a speaker/facilitator, with a 60 to 90-minute talk or workshop on a topic valuable to entrepreneurs, followed by a multi-course dinner prepared by a leading Toronto chef (each event features a different chef and different cuisine) - all at a warm, intimate private venue in Toronto’s west end.

I already have several amazing speakers lined up but am looking for a few more.

An ideal talk or workshop:

  • Needs to be applicable to most entrepreneurs (for instance, not a talk on software)

  • Offer lots of value to an entrepreneurial audience

  • Deliver immediate - or quickly implementable - takeaways (i.e. not just ideas, inspiration or motivation)

  • Can come from a wide range of themes, from business topics such as building incredible team culture to personal topics such as managing emotional and mental wellbeing (again, it needs to deliver immediate value and easy implementation)

NOTE: The Salon is an exercise in community-building as well as a fundraiser for one of my favourite local charities, not a big moneymaker… so I don’t have a big speaker budget.

What I can offer, however, is:

  • A $400 honorarium (i.e. cash)

  • An amazing multi-course dinner, with local wine

  • The opportunity to connect, converse, and build influence with 23 incredible entrepreneurs

I am open to and will 100% consider self-nominations, but am even more interested in your nominations for others (which carry less self-interest).

(p.s. want to be on the invite list when The Salon launches? Check the box at the end of the speaker nomination form below, or click here to join my Toronto Entrepreneurs mailing list)