The Salon - Drop-In Tickets

Although most of the spots for our Salon events are reserved for members, there are 4 drop-in tickets available for each dinner.

 Salon Dates

Dinners take place on the 4th Thursday of every month (*with the exception of December and April).

NOTE: there are separate signup links for 2019 and 2020 dates - click on the relevant button below to book your spot. For more information on the series speakers and chefs, CLICK HERE.

NOTE: The Salon is for established entrepreneurs (no startups) who lead teams of 5 to 100 people (i.e. not solopreneurs).

Oct. 24, 2019

  • Chef/Cuisine: Greg Couillard (International Fusion)

  • Speaker: James Perly (100% Smarter Every Year: How To Be Exponential)

Nov. 28

  • Chef/Cuisine: Taylor Parker (Canadian/Indigenous)

  • Speaker: Swish Goswami (Becoming A Super-Effective CEO)

Dec. 12*

  • Chef/Cuisine: Dali Chehimi (Moroccan/Tunisian, French, Spanish)

  • Speaker: Sherry Walling (Thriving In Chaos… Strategies To Crisis-proof Yourself And Your Business)

Jan. 23, 2020

  • Chef/Cuisine: Amira Eskenazi (International)

  • Speaker: Matt Thompson (The Joy Of Teamwork… How The World's Greatest Teams Think, Plan And Get Things Done)

Feb. 27

  • Chef/Cuisine: Winslow Taylor (Carribbean)

  • Speaker: Kevin White (Building a Culture of Innovation)

Mar. 26

  • Chef/Cuisine: Erwin Joaquin (Hawaiian, Philipino)

  • Speaker: Jay Fiset (Joint Ventures & Partnerships)

Apr. 30*

  • Chef/Cuisine: Luciano Schipano (Southern Italian, refined)

  • Speaker: Angela Lauria (How To Strategically Hire and Fire Staff to Build a Team of A Players)

May 28

  • Chef/Cuisine: Mirelle Blassnig (International, Latin American)

  • Speaker: Pam Prior (Maximizing Cash Flow In Your Business… And Your Pocket)

June 25

  • Chef/Cuisine: Francoise Briet (French, Beer)

  • Speaker: Ran Goel (How Your Company’s Purpose Attracts Top Talent)