NO Small Talk

A COMMUNITY-BUILDING SALON series for toronto entrepreneurs 

A recent study showed that 66% of Torontonians know only a few, or zero, neighbours.

Across North America, community is in decline, with a strong majority of people saying they lack a close-knit community to whom they feel connected and to whom they can turn.

Community and a sense of belonging is vital for our sense of wellbeing. Research shows that humans who feel connected to community are much healthier, much happier, and live longer.

As Brené Brown wrote in her 2017 book, Braving the Wilderness,

“Right now we are neither recognizing nor celebrating our inextricable connection. We are divided from others in almost every area of our lives. We’re not showing up with one another in a way that acknowledges our connection. Cynicism and distrust have a stranglehold on our hearts. And rather than continuing to move toward a vision of shared power among people, we’re witnessing a backslide to a vision of power that is the key to the autocrat’s power over people.”

All gatherings are held on the 2nd Friday of every month, at The Depanneur on College St. W, with the exception of the Jan. 18 introductory event for all members, which will be held in a larger venue.

Your membership entitles you to 7 of the 10 gatherings scheduled for 2019: the Jan. 18 event for all members, and 6 of the 9 remaining monthly dinners (no dinners will be scheduled in July or August).

Every gathering includes:

  • A 60 to 90-minute talk given by one of Toronto’s leading entrepreneurs (topics will include

  • An inspired multi-course dinner catered by a different chef each month

  • Award-winning local wine, to your heart’s content

  • Deep conversations and connections with a community of 30 local entrepreneurs


Who belongs

  • Established entrepreneurs in Toronto (female, male, young, old, gay, straight, tall, small, black, white - all are welcome with the openest of arms, but you have to be an entrepreneur)

  • People who are able to leave their ego at coat check, drop the mask, and open up for an evening

Who doesn’t

  • Those who


Here’s how your membership works:

  1. Get your annual membership for $1050 CAD (or $99/month for 12 months). Only 30 memberships will be sold for 2019.

  2. All members (30) must attend a full-group dinner on Friday, January 18.

  3. Sign up for 6 additional gatherings out of our 9 remaining monthly events.

  4. The remainder of the 2019 gatherings are limited to 20 people, on the 2nd Friday of every month. The full calendar - with menu and workshop topics - will be posted during the January 18 event and signups will be open immediately.

Ready to proceed?