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Mastermind Adventures Fiji

Mar. 31 - Apr. 06, 2019 | MATAVA RESORT, KADAVU, FIJI

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Mastermind Adventures Fiji

Join 20 of your fellow entrepreneurs at spectacular and remote Matava Resort on beautiful Kadavu Island, Fiji for an intimate seven-day mastermind experience. With the whole eco-resort as our private playground, you'll arrive among strangers and leave with a new tribe of mentors and best friends.

What's in store? Seven days of surfing, scuba diving and other adventures, afternoons and evenings of curated sharing and connection, a spectacular private resort, incredible meals, a lifetime of memories, and deep friendships and connection.

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Soul-stirring adventures

Adventure is always centre stage at an MMA event.

Getting out of the conference room and into the outdoors, adventuring and challenging ourselves together, is the best way to bring a group together and create long-term bonds and community. 

At MMA Fiji, the adventures will be primarily water-based, with surfing for all levels (from beginner to advanced) on nearby breaks, plus scuba, snorkeling, and other water-based adventures (SUP, kayaking, etc.) in and on the Pacific Ocean - and a smattering of land-based adventure, plus visits to nearby villages to experience the traditional Fijian way of life.

Our adventures are designed to challenge you, help you connect with your fellow entrepreneurs, and inject a crazy amount of fun into your veins.  All activities are led by certified, professional local guides. 



Several surf breaks are located a short boat ride away - you will be taken to a break that is appropriate for your experience level (including total beginner). Lessons included!


The world-famous spectacular Great Astrolabe reef is a quick boat ride away. Should you choose to go scuba diving, you can also opt to get certified!



All gear (including surfboards and snorkeling or scuba gear) is included in the price. Just bring your clothing and swimsuits and you're good to go!

Learning and Connecting


Schedule of Events

& Connecting

Learning and Connection are at the heart of a Mastermind Adventures experience.

Learning experiences are structured for maximum, immediate benefit - with scheduled talks and workshops delivered by your peers (or you).

All learning experiences are peer-delivered by MMA participants - unlike other conferences which might fly in high-ticket speakers who show up, give their talk, sign a few books and leave, at MMA you have the opportunity to continue the conversations and learning by the pool, over dinner, or bobbing in the ocean while waiting for the next set to roll in.

Connection with your fellow entrepreneurs happens organically - through adventure, downtime, and deep conversations. Connection also continues well after the event is done, with online groups and ongoing tribe meetups.



After the adventures wrap up, we'll have two daily 90-minute workshops to choose from, on a variety of topics. Workshops are structured for maximum benefit and immediate takeaways.



After a delicious dinner, we'll head to a secluded and inspiring location on the Matavinusi property for our evening talks: TED-style wisdom from the community of your peers.



Sometimes the best learning happens without a schedule. Grab a drink and head to the pool or the beach to connect with your fellow entrepreneurs!

Matava Resort

Matava Sunset Cocktails.jpg



Matava Resort


Matava Resort is a beautiful and remote eco-resort situated on the south shore of Kadavu island, approximately 80 km south of Fiji's main island of Viti Levu. We'll have the whole resort to ourselves, with plenty of downtime built into the schedule to enjoy this beautiful piece of paradise!


Kadavu is where you will find the real Fiji - there are few roads, and a population of 10,000 scattered throughout several villages. The traditional Fijian way of life still continues and thrives here to this day. Kadavu is also situated next to the Great Astrolabe Reef, one of the premier reef systems and dive sites in the world, as well as several surf breaks.


Surrounded in beautiful tropical gardens and immersed in lush rain forest, Matava's 10 bures feature spectacular views and range from 400 to 750 square feet. Default rooming is 2/room, however there are 3 single room upgrades available (first come, first served) at an additional charge.


Matava dedicates its kitchen to producing outstanding and inspiring meals from locally organically grown ingredients, picked for use that day and cooked beautifully by local village women. There is an organic farm situated on the property, and most of the food is prepared using ingredients from the farm.

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It was a lifetime experience across the board.
— Jeff Spencer, former olympian + mindset coach

Praise from our tribe

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