The cost to attend MMA Utah is $4900 USD for a shared room or $5600 USD for a single room. There is also a 'bring your partner' option where your partner can attend and enjoy Red Mountain Resort and all the meals, but not the activities and learning sessions - the cost is $6200 USD for participant and partner.

There are also deposit options where you can put down a $2000 USD deposit and pay the balance 3 months prior to start date (Feb. 14).

NOTE: MMA Utah is a 'put away your wallet' event. From the moment we pick you up in Vegas to the conclusion of the event, everything is covered: your lodging, meals, activities, drinks, etc. 


Mastermind Adventures is for entrepreneurs who lead companies between $1M and $100M in annual sales and who consistently invest in themselves, their knowledge and their networks - and like to have a ton of fun and challenge themselves while doing it.

Past participants include UJ Ramdas, founder of the Five Minute Journal, Hollis Carter of Baby Bathwater Institute, Brad Pederson, founder of Tech4Kids, and Matt Bertulli, founder of Demac Media.

do you have a video I can check out?


MMA Utah will have 2 streams: a mountain bike stream for experienced mountain bikers, and a multi-activity stream featuring beginning mountain biking, canyoning, hiking and other adventures.

If you wish to join the mountain bike stream, you need a minimum of 5 years of mountain bike experience, with strong intermediate to advanced level mountain bike skills.

For the multi-activity stream, you do not need to have any prior mountain bike experience or experience with other outdoor sports, however you do need to be reasonably fit (i.e. you exercise at least once a week), and willing and eager to take on challenges. 

All activities are optional - if you feel like ducking out of a particular activity and chilling at Red Mountain Resort, you're welcome to do so. Note: on at least one of the days we will be leaving RMR by van and not returning until the afternoon, so it may not be feasible to return you to the resort after lunch. 

Both groups will be lodged at Red Mountain Resort and each group will have a minimum of 2 guides. There will be some activities that both groups do together, and we will do all breakfasts and dinners, as well as the evening sessions, together.

NOTE: we will have flexibility for you to go back and forth between groups - e.g. if you want to primarily be on your mountain bike, but like the sounds of the other activities on a particular day, you can switch for the day (space permitting)

WHAT does the schedule look like?

A typical day will look like this:

  • Breakfast at 8am
  • Morning activities: start at 9am (we'll either depart straight from the resort on foot or bike, or drive to our activity location)
  • Activities end by 3:30 pm
  • Hot Tub/Chill Time: 3:30 to 5:30 pm 
  • Roundtables (2 to choose from): 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Group dinner: 6:30 pm
  • Fireside Talk and Discussion: 8 to 9:30 pm
  • Drinks and Shenanigans: 9:30 pm onwards

WHAT's included?

Mastermind Adventures is a put-away-your-wallet event - it includes:

  • 4 nights of lodging at world-renowned Red Mountain Resort 
  • Gourmets meals, from lunch on Monday to lunch on Friday 
  • All drinks
  • 4 days of incredible mountain biking or other adventures (guiding services provided by Sacred Rides, with minimum 4 local guides included)
  • Midrange mountain bike rental and all other required gear, except for clothing and appropriate shoes
  • Transportation to and from Las Vegas airport in air-conditioned vans, with drinks and snacks at the ready
  • 4 afternoons/evenings of curated learning and networking, with roundtables, fireside chats, and other activities
  • Plus a sprinkling of magic and other goodies that we're not going to tell you about 

Not included in the cost are tips for the guides and housekeepers, which can be left at the conclusion of the event. 

WHERE DO WE MEET Up, and when?

Pickup is at noon on Monday, May 14 at The Signature at MGM Grand (if you're flying in the night before) and Las Vegas Airport at 12:30 pm.

If you're flying in that morning, please don't book a flight that arrives later than 11:00 am, to allow for customs, baggage pickup, and delays. 

Alternately, arrive the day before and spend a night in Las Vegas with your fellow MMA-ers. You're welcome to book your stay at hotels other than The Signature at MGM Grand, but to minimize delays we will only be doing pickup at the airport and The Signature.

After pickup at the airport, we will head straight to Red Mountain Resort, arriving at approximately 3:30pm. If you prefer to drive there on your own, you can check in any time from 3pm onwards. Here is the address - your room will be booked under 'Mastermind Adventures' and your name.

On our last day (Friday, May 18), we will have a morning of adventures, a final lunch and closing ceremony, and then the shuttle will depart for Las Vegas airport at 2:30 pm, arriving at approximately 3:30 pm (there is a 1-hour time difference). Book your flight home accordingly (i.e. don't book a flight for 4:00 pm!). If you can, join us for an epic party in Las Vegas on the 18th!

For those choosing to spend the night in Las Vegas, we will do one stop at The Signature by MGM Grand - from there you can take a taxi to other hotels if desired.


Through the nature of spending 5 days in a beautiful environment, relaxing and pushing yourself with other inspiring entrepreneurs, you will naturally connect with and learn from each other. We like to take it a step further and apply a healthy dose of curation and structure to the learning and connecting component of MMA.

The adventures will conclude every day around 3:30 pm, leaving us the late afternoons and evenings for facilitating the magic that happens when you connect incredible people with each other.

Some of things you can expect during the evening component of MMA:

  • Fireside chats with your peers (all participants will be expected to submit a topic for a fireside chat, the best will be chosen for inclusion in the schedule)
  • Local speakers to talk about balancing work and lifestyle 
  • Curated networking (and plenty of uncurated 'networking' at the bar and the hot tub)


As mentioned, we will have two activity 'streams': one primarily focused on mountain biking (the area has some of the best mountain biking in North America) and a multi-activity stream for those without sufficient mountain bike experience (or who prefer more off-bike adventures).

Multi-activity adventures will include, but aren't limited to: hiking in Zion National Park, canyoneering in Utah's many canyons, beginner-level mountain biking on iconic trails such as Gooseberry Mesa, and other incredible adventure activities that will push you, challenge you, and put a huge grin on your face.

what's the rooming arrangement?

Lodging is at world-renowned Red Mountain Resort in Ivins, Utah (just outside of St. George). The default rooming arrangement is 2 to a room (2 queen beds), however you can upgrade to a single king suite for an extra $700 USD.


You will be provided with a detailed packing list 4 weeks prior to the event, and a final weather-dependent list just prior to the event.


Attendance at MMA events is by invitation only. If you are invited, you will be provided with a password for the booking page to reserve your spot with either an upfront payment or a monthly payment. Alternately, we may open up a few spots for applicants - submit your application here


There are a limited number of spaces available for participants to bring their partner. Unfortunately, Red Mountain Resort is an adult-only resort, so children are not welcome. 

The partner rate includes lodging, transportation from/to Las Vegas, and all meals. It does not include activities - these can be arranged separately and we will provide you with all the details for doing so.

Please note that because much of the value of MMA is via the learning and connection in the afternoons/evenings, so ifyou bring your partner you are still expected to take part in all of the scheduled learning/connecting events (and why wouldn't you want to?).


Should you need to cancel, you're eligible for a full refund up to 3 months in advance of the start date. After that, we cannot guarantee a refund, however if we can find someone to take your spot (which shouldn't be much of a problem - demand tends to far exceed supply) then you can get a full refund. Nonetheless, we recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance after the 3-months-to-go mark.


Hell yes.