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The Four Hour Work Week... For Real

WARNING: This article is over 6500 words long. Proceed at your own risk... but it might just change your life.

Since its initial publication in 2007, Tim Ferriss' The Four Hour Workweek has been translated into 35 languages and has sold over 1.3M copies.

It's spawned a generation of acolytes and devotees, and it catapulted Tim to entrepreneurial fame. 

I'm a big fan of the book, and since first reading it in 2010, I've gone on to read it twice more.

The only problem is... I've never actually met anyone who has managed to whittle their work week down to four hours. I've met lots of people who have implemented some or all of the suggestions in the book, but no one who actually has a true four hour work week.

Every now and then I'll meet an entrepreneur who's had a successful exit and is temporarily - usually for a month or two - enjoying the fruits of their labours until they launch into the next 60-hour-a-week startup.

But someone actually enjoying a four-hour workweek? 


Until now. 


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