MMA Bhutan - important information

Below you will find all kinds of important information to help you prepare for MMA Bhutan and have an incredible experience.

If you have any questions prior to event start, please post them to the Facebook Group or email



There are two online groups you can join for pre-, post-, and during-event communications:

Facebook Group:

WhatsApp Group:

Why two groups?

In the past we have only used WhatsApp groups, as several of our members don’t use Facebook. WhatsApp is great for quick information sharing, however it’s not great for getting to know your fellow participants (for starters, if you’re not already connected to someone you’ll likely just see their phone # so you won’t even know their name).

So prior to the event we’re going to promote using the Facebook Group. Just prior to and during the event, WhatsApp is a lot better for quick messages (e.g. ‘Meet at the lodge bar for pre-dinner drinks!).

Please join the WhatsApp group (you may have already been added), and if you have a Facebook account, please also join the Facebook group.

ARRIVAL IN bangkok

Please ensure you arrive in Bangkok no later than 2 pm on Nov. 16. We will be having our first group activity (dinner) that night at 6 pm.


For the night of the 16th we are staying at the Akyra Thonglor Hotel in Bangkok. Your lodging is included in the cost of the event (as is dinner). Please note that everyone will be placed 2 to a room on this night, including those who have paid for the single room upgrade. This is because we have an early morning (5 am) flight to Bhutan the following day and will be leaving the hotel at 2:45 am, so we have placed everyone with a wakeup buddy to minimize the chances of someone sleeping through an alarm and missing the flight.

Extra nights in Bangkok

We highly recommend you arrive in Bangkok a day or two early if you can, to adjust to the time zone and get a good rest before the event starts.

If you would like to book additional nights (at your expense) at the Akyra, you can avoid changing rooms by contacting Amp at the Akyra and she can place you in the same room: Let her know you are part of the Mastermind Adventures group. (Note: if your roommate on the 16th is also arriving early then you can share a room, or get your own room, but if you get your own room you will have to move rooms on the 16th).

If you would rather have a single room prior to the 16th and aren’t concerned about changing rooms, you can book your room directly here.

ACTIVITIES in Bangkok (for those arriving early)

If there is enough interest we will arrange activities in and around Bangkok (for an additional fee) for those arriving early. Stay tuned for options!

Return to bangkok

We will be returning to Bangkok on Nov. 24 - our flight lands at BKK airport at 6 pm. You shouldn’t book a flight home any earlier than 10 pm that night (to allow for delays). Or just book a night at the airport hotel and fly out the next day.


If you want to book a hotel at BKK airport, we recommend getting a room at Novatel. It’s a 5-minute walk from the airport (there are also 24-hour shuttles)


You do not need to arrange a visa for Bhutan - our team in Bhutan has already applied for your visas.


You will need to have valid travel medical insurance to participate in this event. You should have provided this information when you completed the intake form, but if you don’t have coverage yet, there are some options here.

We strongly recommend you purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance as well as travel medical insurance (which is mandatory). This will allow you to recoup the cost of the event and airfare if you need to cancel or if your event is interrupted

(note: there are restrictions for what qualifies you for a cancellation reimbursement: generally illness or injury, death or illness in your immediate family - not things like being too busy at work).


Here are the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations for Bhutan vaccinations. We strongly recommend you visit a travel medical clinic at least 6 weeks prior to event start date (early October).

You can inform your doctor that we will primarily be in the Thimphu and Paro areas of Bhutan.


Bhutan is a Himalayan kingdom, and as such we will be spending considerable time at altitude:

  • Our lodge for the first 3 nights is at an altitude of ~2300m (~7500 ft).

  • Our lodge for the final 3 nights is at an altitude of 2200m (~7200 ft)

  • In between we will have one night at a secret location at an altitude of 3600m (approx. 12,000 ft).

  • We will also reach our highest point of the week on day 6, at an altitude of 3900m or almost 13,000 ft (albeit only for a few hours).

This is high enough that you will experience shortness of breath, and possibly some dizziness and other symptoms. It is highly recommended that you speak to your doctor and get a prescription for Diamox (generic name acetazolamide). This is medication you take when you are feeling the effects of altitude (or before you head to high altitudes).

Jet lag

Andrew Herr, one of the participants joining us in Bhutan, runs an incredible company called Performance Intelligence. One of their products is the FlyKitt, a jet lag solution. I tested it for my event in Fiji back in April and it worked beautifully - I had almost zero jet lag in either direction, despite the 8-hour time difference. 

It’s a bit of an investment up front but well worth it and subsequent refills are very affordably priced. The magic is in the customized protocol you get each time. I highly recommend you make the small investment and maximize your enjoyment of MMA Bhutan.

To get your FlyKitt, go to and enter promo code NoJetLagMMA to get $20 off your order. 


This is what you can expect in Bhutan while we’re there:

  • Highs of about 15 to 18C/59 to 65F

  • Lows of about 3 to 10C/38 to 50F

  • Lots of sunshine and very little precipitation

Of course, the weather can vary significantly so it’s best to be prepared for colder and wetter weather.

packing list

You will be provided with a detailed packing list about 3 weeks prior to start date. For now, make sure you have good, sturdy footwear - that’s already been broken in - as we’ll be on foot a lot.