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Mastermind Adventures Bhutan

NOV. 17-24, 2019

Mastermind Adventures Bhutan

Join 25 of your fellow entrepreneurs in remote Bhutan - one of the most spectacular and exclusive countries in the world - for an incredible, intimate seven-day experience that's equal parts adventure, boundary pushing, learning, and connection.

The sole surviving Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom, Bhutan is one of the most remote and pristine environments on earth. [more about Bhutan]

What's in store? Seven days of adventures, seven evenings of curated sharing and connection at our carefully-selected lodges, incredible meals, a lifetime of memories and friendships, and a big dose of the unexpected.




Heart-pounding adventures


Adventure is always centre stage at an MMA event.

At MMA Bhutan, adventures will take place in the spectacular Himalayas. We'll have thrilling hikes, bike rides, and cultural expeditions such as monastery visits.

Our adventures are designed to challenge you, connect you with your fellow entrepreneurs, and inject a crazy amount of fun into your veins.  All activities are led by certified, professional local guides. 



Hike among the highest mountains in the world, including several alpine excursions.


Bhutan is a land of Buddhist temples and monasteries - we’ll visit several of the country’s most stunning ones.


Choose your own adventure

We’ll have a few spots in the schedule where you can choose from activities: mountain biking or road biking on Bhutan’s scenic backroads and trails, alpine trekking, and more!




Schedule of Events

& Connecting

Learning and Connection are at the heart of a Mastermind Adventures experience.

Learning experiences are structured for maximum benefit (with scheduled talks, forums and workshops with your peers).

Connection with your fellow entrepreneurs happens organically - through adventure, downtime, and deep conversations.


Small-group forums: You’ll be placed in a small forum with 7 of your fellow entrepreneurs. Over the course of the forum sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to share and get feedback on some of your biggest life and business challenges (and provide feedback to others).

Workshops: Workshops are peer-delivered and cover a variety of topics including lifestyle design, marketing, finance, relationships and family life, and much more. They are designed for immediate insights and takeaways.

Evening Talks: After dinner, TED-style, informal fireside chats offer you an opportunity to go deeper on various life and business topics.



In groups of 8, you’ll share your biggest life and biggest challenges and benefit from the wisdom of a wicked-smart peer group.



Learn from your peers, many of whom are industry leaders. Workshops are structured for maximum benefit and immediate takeaways.



After dinner, we'll head to a secluded and inspiring location on the property for our evening talks: TED-style wisdom from the community of your peers.



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Zhiwa Ling Heritage and Naksel


On MMA Bhutan we will be staying at two spectacular, award-winning lodges: the Zhiwa Ling Ascent outside of Thimpu and the Zhiwa Ling Heritage near Paro.

The Ascent is a beautiful 4-star resort that we have booked out entirely for ourselves, while the Heritage is a stunning 5-star lodge on a beautiful piece of property overlooking the Paro valley, with views of Jumolhari (Bhutan’s highest peak at 7,300 m) and the famed Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

Zhiwa Ling Ascent

Zhiwa Ling Ascent

Nestled in the hills outside Paro, Zhiwa Ling Heritage is an architectural gem that unites Bhutanese culture and heritage with 21st-century comforts. Its main lodge and cottages—each hand-decorated with intricate carvings—are set in a lush landscape of weeping willows and fruit trees. This is the first five-star Bhutanese-owned hotel, and its beautifully appointed suites look out over the emerald foothills of the Himalaya.

In the spirit of Bhutan’s Buddhist tradition, guests can join monks at the Meditation House, soak up the tranquility of the Tea House, and enjoy a unique selection of spa treatments imbued with spiritual symbolism.

The town of Paro and its magnificent dzong (or fortress) are a short distance from here, and the iconic cliff-hanging Tiger’s Nest monastery is within view. A variety of nearby hiking trails lead to age-old monasteries and typical villages.

Zhiwa Ling is a work of art, painstakingly constructed, carved, and painted by Bhutanese artisans over five years. It is not an old hotel—it first opened its doors in 2005 and is equipped with all the modern amenities you’d expect—yet the stunning architecture conveys an atmosphere of timeless tradition that fits right into Bhutan’s cultural landscape. The hotel’s temple exemplifies this emphasis on the authentic: it was built using 450-year-old wood from the original Gangtey Goemba monastery, one of Bhutan’s most cherished sites.

Zhiwa Ling Heritage

Zhiwa Ling Heritage

It was a lifetime experience across the board.
— Jeff Spencer, former olympian + mindset coach

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