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What we do, how we do it, and why.

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Our Mission is… create a tight-knit community of incredible entrepreneurs, bonded by peak experiences and epic adventures in spectacular, remote locations around the world and ongoing connection and community before and after every event.

By taking the entrepreneur conference out of the conference room and into the wild, we put the focus on true, authentic connection instead of ‘networking’.

By helping our clan discover more fulfilment and passion and connection in their lives, those positive effects then spin off to the hundreds and thousands of people they employ and the millions of customers they reach.

And we help you cross off your bucket list at the same time :)

We help…

…ambitious entrepreneurs with a hunger for real adventure and an ongoing quest for a rich, fulfilled and meaningful life that includes, but goes well beyond, financial success.

Our Criteria…

To join an MMA experience you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be an entrepreneur leading an established company with $2M to $20M USD in revenue or 5 to 50 employees, or have recently exited a company that meets these criteria

  • You have a hunger for real adventure and a thirst for new experiences

  • You go ‘all in’ and don’t half-ass things

  • You regularly embrace the unknown and take risks (but mitigate risk with careful planning)

  • You understand that true connection never happens without vulnerability and authenticity

  • Even though (or because) you’ve achieved a degree of financial success, you know that financial success is just one small part of a larger ‘success’ puzzle and are committed to exploring what it means to live a full and meaningful life

  • Your ego is in check and you regularly practice humility and generosity


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Who’s in the Clan?

 Our participants are not only incredible entrepreneurs, they’re also amazing, generous, and down-to-earth human beings.

Some of the people who attend MMA events include:



 Our Guiding Principles

  • Together We Go Farther (community is everything)

  • Practice Radical Generosity (give deeply without expectation of reward)

  • Embrace The Unknown (take risks!)

  • Be Yourself (drop the mask)

  • It’s OK To Be Ridiculous (or downright weird)

  • Adults Need Play Too (and lots of it)

We Believe…

…in unbridled optimism and seeing the world as it might be rather than what it is

…in challenge and difficulty as a route to growth

…in asking big questions and seeking big answers

…in entering the wilderness without knowing the outcome

…in taming our egos rather than allowing them to control us

…that belonging is a core human need and that everyone needs a place to belong

…that life is too important to be taken seriously

…that we develop resilience through hardship

…that resilience is the key to achieving a full and meaningful life

…that nothing great is achieved without risk



How is an MMA experience different?

After attending dozens of entrepreneurial events in 2016 and 2017, I (Mike Brcic, MMA founder - more on me below) always came home with a notebook full of notes that I rarely acted on and a few dozen so-so connections with other entrepreneurs.

Don’t get me wrong… I truly enjoyed many of these events, and learned a ton and met some amazing people. I still attend a handful of them because they’re amazing.

But I attended these events because I wanted to forge connections and friendships with other people who were on the same path as me, and the conference-room-workshops-and-speakers format didn’t really feel like the best format for that (plus for me, after 2 days in conference rooms I want to blow my brains out).

With 22+ years of experience in the adventure travel industry (leading the “#1 mountain bike tour company on Earth”, which I recently exited), I knew from experience that getting people outdoors and into the wilderness and facing challenges together was an incredible recipe for creating bonds and lasting friendships.

From that seed, Mastermind Adventures was born.

Although the format keeps evolving, these are a few of the things that will always make up an MMA event:

Remote Bucket-List Destinations

Our events take place in some of the most remote and stunning places on Earth. Places like the La Confluencia Lodge in Patagonia; Matava Resort on Kadavu Island in Fiji; Zhiwaling Ascent in Bhutan (just wait ‘til you see what’s in store for 2020).

It’s a commitment to get to our events, but that commitment is reflected in how people show up and commit to the event itself.

Small Groups

Our events range from 16 to 30 people, a size that allows for intimate connections to develop. You’ll come home with deep, lasting connections to a dozen people rather than shallow connections to a hundred.

Weeklong Events

2 or 3 days is just not enough time to either explore a destination or create meaningful connections with others, so our events are always 7 to 8 days long (again, it’s a commitment on your part, but the rewards are in direct proportion to your commitment).

A Heavy Dose of Adventure

Although there are workshops, forums, and talks, all designed to provide as much value as possible to participants, a significant portion of our time is spent outside and in the wilderness, taking part in group adventures that challenge us and connect us together.

Amazing People

Everyone who attends a Mastermind Adventures event is either invited by me (Mike), referred by alumni, or has undergone a screening process. Although there are entrepreneurship criteria (revenue or company size) to ensure overlap in the types of challenges people face at work, an even more stringent criterion is participants’ ‘human-ness’: their generosity, openness, and willingness to explore and experiment.

What you’ll get when you join an event
(and the MMA clan)

  • An incredible bucket-list adventure in a spectacular destination, with every detail taken care of (so you don’t have to). All of our adventures are ‘put-away-your-wallet’ events once you land at the starting point - everything is included.

  • Peak experiences that will give you heavy dose of rejuvenation, connection, limit-pushing, excitement and joy - and energize you to push through whatever blocks you’re encountering

  • Peer-to-peer learning sessions on business and life with people at the top of their game

  • Small-group forums where you can share your biggest challenges and get valuable feedback on how to solve them

  • Opportunities to connect meaningfully (and stay connected) with incredible like-minded people who will support and push you to your next level of business and life success

  • Ongoing opportunities to connect with our larger alumni network of 70+ entrepreneurs from around the world, via our private online groups and frequent events (from dinners to weekend events around North America)


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Frequently Asked Questions

How crazy and/or fit do I need to be to take part in the adventure activities at your events?

You don’t have to be a crazy adrenaline junkie or a triathlete to take part in our events. For the adventure activities we typically break into smaller groups of 6-8 people, organized by adventure level (from mild to wild). You can choose which level to participate at on any given day.

You can expect to be gently pushed out of your comfort zone from time to time, but our goal is not to freak you out or scare the s@#$ out of you, and every effort is continually made to ensure your safety.

That said, you’re not interested in always playing it safe, are you?

Are you strict about your entry criteria?

Yes. The reason for our revenue/employee criteria is that we want participants to more or less be at similar phases in their entrepreneurial journey. Someone leading a 50-person company is unlikely to learn much from a startup solopreneur.

That said, we do occasionally make exceptions, in exceptional circumstances, for people who can make a big contribution to our community.

And anyone applicant/referral that I (Mike) don’t know personally has to pass the ‘hot tub’ test; i.e. is this someone I would want to hang out in a hot tub with for 2 hours?

What does the cost of your events include?

You have to get to the starting point (usually an airport, where we pick you up), but once you arrive you can put away your wallet until you’re back at the airport at the conclusion of the event. Everything is covered: lodging (generally in 4 and 5-star lodges), meals, activities, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), internal flights, and more.

Are your adventures safe?

Any true adventure comes with an element of risk or it wouldn’t be an adventure. That said, all of our adventure activities are led by experienced, certified professional guides in small groups, with no more than 6 people per guide.

What else happens at an MMA event?

An MMA event isn’t all go-go-go adventure all the time. We take plenty of time for relaxed meals, and each day has at least a couple of hours of downtime so you can continue a conversation with someone you’ve made a connection with, catch up on work if needed, or just chill out and enjoy the amazing surroundings.

Is it a big party vibe?

We like to have fun, but we keep the partying reasonable (until the last night, of course). There are plenty of opportunities to party, but when else will you have the opportunity to have crazy adventures, learn from, and connect with incredible entrepreneurs from around the world?

For that reason, we keep alcohol consumption moderate by closing down the (open) bar at 10:30 pm every night. We want you to feel your best the next day and get maximum value from our itineraries.

Do you have wifi access at your events?

Yes, although keep in mind that our events often take place in very remote places and the speed of the wifi is often not what you might describe as ‘fast’.

Because the whole point of our events is to foster connections between people in a super-fun, organic way, we limit wifi access to 1 hour before breakfast and during the downtime portion of each day (usually about 2 hours). This should give you enough time to stay in touch with your team and provide any assistance they need while ensuring you stay focused on being present and connected with the other participants.

Can I bring my partner/kids?

Sorry, unless your partner is also an entrepreneur, he/she can’t join you, nor can your kids. Bringing your family along means you’ll be constantly pulled between wanting to hang out and build connections with other entrepreneurs and spending time with your family.

Leave your family at home and come back alive, refreshed, and ready to be an even better partner/parent.



My Promise To You

Join me and our clan for a Mastermind Adventures event and I promise you’ll have the opportunity to partake in travel and adventure experiences that will rank among your life highlights.

I promise you’ll also have the opportunity to connect with incredible, generous and amazing entrepreneurs from around the world, and to be part of our amazing community.

I promise you these two things will play a significant part in your journey toward greater success, fulfilment, and joy.


I just set the stage. You are the actor.

For you to truly experience the life-changing value of our events and our community, you have to answer the call. You have to embrace the unknown and take the leap. You have to drop the mask and drop the armour and trust that the outcome will be amazing.

If you’re ready to answer the call, get started by viewing our upcoming adventures, and then let’s set up a time for us to chat to see if there’s a good fit.



Mike Brcic, founder,
Mastermind Adventures


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Praise From Past Events

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With a Net Promoter Score of 85 and a 92.3% 'Extremely Satisfied' rating, Mastermind Adventures events are rated extremely highly by participants. Nevertheless, we continue to act on participant feedback to continually improve our events!

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