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2019 is sold out. 2020 events in the Amazon and greenland

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Out of the conference room and into the wild.

At Mastermind Adventures, we host carefully curated small-group adventures to bring together amazing, audacious entrepreneurs in spectacular, remote settings.

Other events show you how to scale your business.

We show you how to scale your life.

We help you live a bigger future, with a clan that’s by your side.

We start with incredible, remote places around the globe and the right people (carefully curated). 

Then we mix in challenging adventures and peak experiences, incredible meals, and lots of learning and connecting opportunities so you can push your limits, forge deep connections with your fellow entrepreneurs, and build your knowledge base and clan to propel you to the next level of success.


The Recipe/Secret Sauce

The essential ingredients of an MMA experience are…

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Remote Locations

Our events take place in some of the most spectacular and remote locations in the world. Each event is a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list experience, where you’ll…


Peak Experiences

…participate in an incredible mix of peak experiences, from once-in-a-lifetime adventures to exclusive opportunities and incredible group and individual exercises…


Amazing People

…with some of the most fascinating, successful and down-to-earth entrepreneurs on the planet, whom you’ll count as your closest friends for years to come.

Upcoming Adventures


BHUTAN - Nov. 17-24, 2019 [SOLD OUT]

2020 EVENTS - AMAZON (APRIL 6-13) & Greenland (June 14-21)

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Praise From Past Events

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Adele Tevlin, Adele Wellness

Zee Jeremic, Mass Engines

Cat Howell, Eight Loop Social

Derryn Shrosbree, 33Seven

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With a Net Promoter Score of 85 and a 92.3% 'Extremely Satisfied' rating, Mastermind Adventures events are rated extremely highly by participants. Nevertheless, we continue to act on participant feedback to continually improve our events!

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